6 Piano VSTs You Need and Where to Find Them

“Why do you have so many virtual piano libraries?!” This is a question I commonly get from like, the one friend I rant to about plugins. Unfortunately, everything you’ve heard is true. I own at least 8 commercial piano libraries off the top of my head.

You see, one of the less fun things about being a music writey person is that you need so many tools to do one simple thing. Artists buy one $500 tablet, and composers have six $300 libraries just to play a bamboo flute. Having multiple libraries for all scenarios certainly makes sense for whole string ensembles, where there are so many variables to account for — but surely not for something as simple as a piano… With one solid piano library and a little EQ, you should be able to cover all possible use cases, right? Maybe WRONG. Many predators will try to trick you this way.

In order to remedy your wrongness, today we will look at the six basic types of non-electric pianos you’ll need to work across all genres. Plus links to some paid and free piano libraries for each category as well. These lists are definitely not exhaustive, but meant to give you a general idea of the sound. All linked libraries require the full version of Kontakt unless otherwise noted. (Patreon members, be sure to read my thoughts on using the free Kontakt Player ;0)

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