TOME RPG (2018-2019)

TOME is an RPG which takes place within a fictional MMORPG. Based on the 2011 web series of the same name by Chris Niosi, it centers on a troupe of magical warriors, The Dandy Alliance, and their efforts to win a game-wide guild war called the Campaign of Champions. Customize your player character by choosing their race, element, and combat class, and explore the virtual world!

TOME actually has four composers, one for each of the game’s four major regions: Edodes Woods, Morganite Valley, Telluria City, and Orange Island. I’m doing Orange Island’s music, which takes cues from tropical house and the concept of ice cream.

You can hear a bit of the monster battle theme in the video above, and hopefully I’ll be able to share more of the soundtrack when the game comes out!

Read more about the gameplay and basic concept of TOME on its Kickstarter page, or download the demo on