Plasterbrain on the web

  • Soundcloud – My music is on here.
  • Freesound – This is where I dump CC0-licensed sound effects and loops I make while working on stuff or screwing around with synths.
  • Patreon – I sometimes post WIP music and other project updates.
  • Twitter – Like many millennials, I get my news from and frequently participate on a platform that actively contributes to my depression.
  • Tumblr – Ask me anything…
  • YouTube – I don’t really post to my YouTube consistently.
  • Facebook – Just here so you can add my smiling face to your collection of public-facing music interests.
  • Github – ???!?!
  • AO3 – Perfect if you need 30,000 words of ammunition to convince your friends that Plasterbrain is an e-thot.
  • Neopets – The most important social media site of all.