I was playing some life or death game taking place in a big school. The school was located on top of a mountain range, which itself was on top of a second mountain range, making it a double mountain range. Basically very high up. The school also had moving mechanical legs, like Howl’s Moving Castle, that allowed it to walk around the mountains.

The school had classes, but only inasmuch as they were arbitrary ways to group us off (like homerooms) or coax us into puzzle-solving activities, since this was all apparently part of some life or death game. Students were brutally murdered for breaking petty rules like breaking curfew.

I really wanted to get out alive. I thought about calling my mom, but I knew if I told her, she’d try to come rescue me1 and one or both of us would likely be killed.

I lost some like practice round contest against someone, causing an iron maiden-style face mask to clamp around my head, simulating my death. I didn’t die; instead I heard a voice saying, “You need to have some fight in you if you want to survive!  You have to want to win!”

I resolved to escape, even if it meant letting everyone else die.have to see my mom again! ^O^

I acquired the ability to swap my consciousness over to a couple alternate reality versions of me, kind of like Zero Escape, but more brief, like channel surfing. I needed to use this to get more information for the mystery we were supposed to be solving(?). One of the games was in this museum-like room and involved collecting as many receipts scattered around as possible, in the hopes that at least one of them will be useful.

Another game involved finding out which word was associated with these different doors, A, B, and C. I know one of the door words turned out to be “pilot.” There were various teams, each assigned to investigating one door, and hiding their own door word from the other teams. I was on B, so pilot must have been our word. I figured there must be more than just A B and C, so I swapped into an alternate reality and found two more doors. One was D, and the other was… NLM.

I screamed.

“Oh SHIT!” I said to my teammates. “We’re not safe! This is all a trap!” We had five seconds to get into one of the A, B, or C rooms. We dashed into B, and then heard these awful grinding sounds
coming from the hallway.

There were an awful lot of people out there…

I don’t know if I won. I just remember being afraid of switching over to a reality where I was already dead, where everything would be black, and trapping my consciousness there.

  1. or send a strongly worded email,