Flower Girl

I was making a 3D game about a flower in a field who so loved humans that she turned into one, a girl wearing a dress.

One way you could play it was by going around doing quests for humans in a peaceful farm village to help them out, but, um, that’s stupid, so obviously I was adding a secret second route where you could just kill people, exploring the idea that the flower’s love for humans did not come with a comprehension of their mortality and experience of pain, or even necessarily with compassion, but fascination with them in all their aspects.

The more people you managed to kill, the more the music changed from relaxing guitar sounds to a sad piano, and the more the world turned from colorful summer blues and greens to simple black and white. Since the game was in third person, most of the time was spent viewing the girl from behind, but eventually someone says sadly, “What happened to you?”

When you turn around, there’s just ink pouring from her eyes. Reminded me of one the faces in this horror pack.

Then I was like “I don’t remember the point of this game I’m making actually!” and probably gave up on it!