10 Floors

I was moving into some kind of boarding school residence which had 10 floors and seemed to be an amalgamation of many of my past dream dorms not based in reality. Floors 1-3 were unremarkable and available to everyone, but you needed special clearance to reach floors 4-10.

The only way to get to the upper floors was through the elevators. The elevator I went in had an elevator operator whose appearance and demeanor changed depending on the floor. Her “default” look was that of a formal maid, used for floors 1-3 and possibly 10.

Floor 4 was the “rock and roll” floor. It was dark with black walls and floors lit by neon. Everyone was dressed goth/punk and partying all the time, so the elevator attendant became goth too.

Floor 5 was the happy floor. There were rooms full of computers, toys, and interesting posters where students could do recreational stuff. The idea was to emote as much as possible. This floor also had a live band giving interactive performances. Either the elevator operator became a saxophone player named Zack whose wife and baby were with him or Zack was just a guy who also got on the elevator with me. I don’t remember.

Totally don’t remember floors 6 or 7.

Either floor 8 or 9 was the grey floor, a barren wasteland that seemed to be from another reality. I don’t know what the point of it was.

Floor 10 was the fancy floor with plush red carpets and endless buffets. The headmaster’s office was here. This is where the senior cheerleaders and the school’s most prized athletes, artists, or club leaders would hang out.

I was a freshman wearing pigtails and wasn’t allowed on the tenth floor, but I decided that the headmaster was my hot OC whom I needed to go and have sex with, a very noble goal. The elevator  lady more or less understood I was compelled by this intense spiritual mission and allowed me clearance, but once I was there, I had to make up a club so I would blend in with the glitterati.

The club I made was called the Wonder Club. We would read books and collect sentences or passages that inspired us and put them in a scrapbook. No one wanted to join though because it was just me and two nerds.