Summoner of Sounds 2015: Frontal Assault

An action piece originally written for RMN’s Summoner of Sounds event in 2015, which I participated in for exactly one (1) round before deciding that if I was going to write public domain music so that random people could offer unhelpful commentary on a forum thread, I should at least be getting paid for it. 😂

See if you can figure out the exact timestamp where I gave up on trying to follow the prompt and write serious metal and and just started writing Plasterbrain, as is my wont.

The guitar here is Junk Guitar v1 (back when it was a free instrument, RIP) with TSEx50 handling the whole amp setup, because between the cabinets and the amps and the pre-amps and the pre-cabinets, I get confused with all those different boxes. It’s sprinkled with free sound effects from SoundMorph, and no I don’t have a version without effects on hand.

I played Bravely Second a few months back and got some serious déjà vu from their arrangement of Battle with Demons. Pretty similar, right?

You can download the file from the Soundcloud page or get the flac version on Mediafire.