Cookie Policy

Our official policy is that Cookie Run rules! Ah wait, no, this is about browser cookies. I’m sorry if you typed in this URL hoping for a delicious surprise.

This website ( may store a number of cookies on your device in order to properly function. Your continued use of this website constitutes acceptance and possibly glowing approval of this amazing cookie policy. For more information about how this website collects, stores, and uses your data, see the Privacy Policy page.

First-Party Cookies

This site is built in WordPress, a CMS which may store a few cookies for end-users.

Name Function Lifespan
wordpress_test_cookie Tests if your browser accepts cookies. Wow! Session
wp-postpass_… Saves access to most recently unlocked password-protected post. 10 days

Third-Party Cookies


Cloudflare is a website security and performance tool used for various services such as CDN load balancing and DDoS mitigation. See also Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy, especially sections mentioning “log data.”

Name Function Lifespan
__cfduid Anonymized IP address used by Cloudflare to potentially block malicious end users. 30 days


Embedded SoundCloud players store cookies which vary based on whether you are logged into their site. SoundCloud does not respect DNT preferences, but logged in users can control which data SoundCloud collects through the communications, analytics, and advertising tabs in their account settings. For more, mostly unhelpful information, see SoundCloud’s Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

Cookies for all users

Name Function Lifespan
sc_anonymous_id Anonymous user agent ID for logged out users. Nobody knows what it’s for. 10 years

Cookies for logged-in SoundCloud users

Name Function Lifespan
sclocale Language region, used to localize the player. 1 year
__qca Quantcast cookie, containing IP address and other non-PII, used by SoundCloud for audience analysis. For more information, see Quantcast’s Privacy Policy and FAQ. You can also opt-out of Quantcast’s interest-based advertising. 1 year
_fbp Facebook pixel cookie, containing a unique identifier, used to target advertising based on which content you have viewed in the past. See also Facebook’s Data Policy. 90 days
_ga Google Analytics cookie which collects an anonymized IP address, used by SoundCloud for audience analysis and by Google for targeted advertising and advertising engagement metrics. See “Types of cookies used by Google” and “Safeguarding your data” for more information. You can also opt-out of Google Analytics by downloading their browser extension. 1 year
_gcl_au Google advertising cookie, containing a unique identifier, which is used to determine conversion rates on Google ads. It is not used for ad personalization. 90 days
g_enabled_idps Google SSO cookie Never… SoundCloud user, device, and session ID cookies. 20(!) years
SoundCloud cookies relating to the login session. Session
cookie-accepted Whether you’ve accepted cookies on SoundCloud. 1 year
Session Another SoundCloud session identifier. Session
legacy_clean This cookie is truly a mystery. 10 years