Plasterbrain was first created in 2012 as a device to seduce pretty boys, but a tragic manufacturing error gave her a completely non-seductive personality and the unexplained drive to become a popstar. Though unable to perform her originally intended purpose, through hard work and appropriately timed winking, she has since become the cutest musician and composer in the United States [citation needed]. "Is that why this website's aesthetic is 'shitty 80s redlight district?'" you ask, and how dare you.

Her work covers a wide range of genres, including several that don't yet exist, such as what the kind users of Last.fm have graciously called "sexcore" (???). She has appeared at several conventions in the Midwest as a guest with YouTube channel JelloApocalypse, though probably mostly because she makes really good PowerPoints.

Plaster also dabbles in amateur voice acting, writing, improv, and designing great websites like this one. She also reviews horror indie games and movies on her blog and is currently working on a visual novel called Pizza Game!

You can listen to her tracks on Soundcloud, follow Plasterbrain on Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, or become a monthly Patron to support her work and get exclusive access to BLEEDING EDGE Plasterbrain updates on Patreon.


Commissions are closed for now as I'm finishing up Pizza Game. I will update this space when that changes. You can reach me at hello(at)plasterbrain(dot)com.