A peach-colored unicorn with long blonde hair and an orange bow.
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Hello! I’m Plasterbrain! I’m about 7 parts chamomile and 3 parts gunpowder. People online mostly know me for my music, either tracks like Nimbasa CORE which have appeared on my brother’s YouTube channel, or the Helen Kane remix I did and obnoxiously titled GREEDY that enjoyed some weird, brief YouTube popularity. Real Gs (not to throw shade but it’s true) might know me from when I was 15 and used to do My Little Pony impressions. Beyond these habits, I also enjoy writing, graphic design, web development, “”””programming””””, drawing, and various performing arts, which includes bad PowerPoint presentations. I majored in having opinions on movies at UIUC and have no regrets.

Here are some of my greatest achievements:

  • I managed a ramshackle improv team for a year in college!! It was awful wow!!!!
  • Twice in my life I’ve had strangers come up and tell me I look like a fairy.
  • I used to be pretty good at the high jump.

My non-financially-exploitable interests include indie games, movies, my goldfish, psychology, sushi, green tea, Just Dance, and reality television. I don’t really keep up with any flavor-of-the-month fandoms.


You can always ask me questions on my Tumblr! That’s pretty much all I use it for.

Q. Where is your old website?

The old Plastersite can be found here.

Q. Why did you stop making music?!

Every so often I get people asking me to “make music again” as though I have stopped. I have not stopped! Generally my music life is split between commissions and a pile of proof-of-concept tracks. I sometimes post WIP stuff to my Patreon. From my experience, a freelance game composer ranks about one tier lower than a freelance game voice actor on the “need to know” hierarchy, so I never know the status of projects I finish tracks for until they come out. It’s very mysterious.

Q. Why don’t you make more vocal songs?

Because I don’t like doing them (◡‿◡ ✿)

Q. Are you available for commissions?

I’m a little busy right now but if you’re not on a tight schedule I can probably fit you in eventually! I don’t do vocals but I can prepare a vocal score for you to give to a singer as part of the commission.

Q. Will you be my friend?

🔫👀 no


You can reach me via email at [email protected] There are many good reasons to email me. Here are some of them:

  • You need to interview a D-tier internet celebrity last minute for a school project
  • You are a handsome man
    • You are not a handsome man or cannot prove handsome man status but want to try asking me out anyway
  • You want to invite me to your next convention or birthday party
  • You have a question about music and/or my extensively thought-out League of Legends headcanons
  • You are interested in commissioning me


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